Shabashe RIZQ

RIZQ is a dEconomy based on the decentralised exchange of value between the humans for halal economic services and products via technologies like the internet of everything, the autonomous intelligence for everyone, the distributed ledger at everywhere, and assets like gold, silver, etcetera.

Shabashe SMUW

SMUW is a dCollaboration of human minds, moderated as per Al Islam to do r&d and to provide consultancy, etcetera. A distributed community collaborating in real-time to act as a supersystem & drive productivity. An interdisciplinary approach to utilize diverse knowledge. Responsible use of science, theology, mind, intelligence, creativity, to invent, innovate & add value to the society.

BOLO Shabashe

BOLO is a dCommunication to share individual human realities & give dawah/invitation to truth.

Shabashe PBUH

PBUH is a dSecurity to strengthen society and better the spiritual, physical & digital health of humanity against the plan of the Iblis or shaitans & our arrogant nature.